BC Weed Control Experts

Industrial, Commercial, Municipal Weed Control

Controlling weeds is not easy. Using technology and science we make it simple for you.



GPS-based spray area maps

weed control spray map

These maps generate spray markers on a video screen in real-time to help our applicators avoid overlaps and missing areas.

We can overlay these maps onto google earth images for a digital record of sprayed areas.

flow control

Flow control allows us to change the rate of spray output depending on the speed of the vehicle.

This ensures that the correct  amount of chemical is sprayed over a given area.

Tank Agitation

Agitation is needed for chemicals that need to be continuously mixed or mixed while loading so this allows more treatment options.

Injector Tech

Instead of chemical being mixed in a large volume of water it is injected into the hose leading from the water tank. This allows easy switching between products for spot treatments and less time loading and handling chemicals.  



We stay up to date on new weed control information through online research, government policy updates, participation in IVMA seminars and by reviewing international standards.


Variable Analysis

Many factors affect how well a weed control treatment works. Using the scientific method we identify and manage those factors up to the moment we finish spraying. During a pre-spray site review we will identify any hazards, site-local protocols and spray proximity to nearby water sources and wildlife.

Comprehensive Treatments

Tough weeds sometimes require multiple sites of attack, additives, growth-stage specific timing and need to be treated in a way that causes little to no chemical resistance. Using integrated pest management and critical thinking we plan beyond just the chemicals to use.