E.L. Boultbee & Son Co Ltd.

Boultbee Pest Control Ltd. (doing business as Boultbee Vegetation Management) is a third-generation company  providing vegetation management services to industrial, commercial, and residential customers. We are a leader in the development of innovative vegetation control equipment and techniques. We employ integrated vegetation management principles and prepare Vegetation Management Plans. All service employees are certified Integrated Pest Management Technicians.

Boultbee Vegetation Management offers a wide array of pest control services, focusing on commercial weed control. We service railroads, pulp mills, saw mills, oil refineries, and utility companies. Sites which we treat include: electrical substations, sales lots, airport runway edges, building perimeters, propane tanks, parking areas, sidewalks, storage facilities, gravel pits and fence lines.

The most common type of weed control that we perform is zero-growth vegetation control, previously known as soil sterilant. This application delivers bare ground weed control for approximately one year at a time. Boultbee Vegetation Management is committed to preserving the environment and uses lower-impact methods whenever feasible.

Other specialized services include aquatic weed control of effluent lagoons, fire-fighting ponds, and coolant lagoons for power generation facilities.

Decades of innovation in herbicide application

Our Company President, Steven Boultbee

We’re A member of the Integrated Vegetation Management Association

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